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What CAN You do?



While talking recently with some small business owners in nearby
the town of Mt. Pleasant about the challenges and opportunities here in middle
Tennessee, it struck me how easy it is to fall into “I can’t because…” in our lives.


This has come up for me personally, in my work with clients, and
in conversations with others. We unconsciously limit ourselves by falling into
the trap of looking at all the reasons why we 
can’t do something, have
something, make something happen, etc.


My friend and fellow DeBōHa* coach is fond of responding with:
can you do?”


When you look at things from this perspective, it opens up the
field of opportunity. Even if it is just a small thing that you CAN do, it is a
beginning. Wanting to make a career change? What baby steps CAN you take to get
you closer to your goal? Want to lose weight or get in better shape, but
COVID-19 has closed your gym, class, etc? What CAN you do? Create a home gym,
find virtual classes that excite you… there are always options, always
something we can do to move ourselves forward.


These small steps move you toward your ultimate goal. And
instead of sitting stuck in “I can’t”, you are in yourself and using your energy
to move forward in a positive direction.


It is so easy to get caught up in the idea that we need “big”
movement or major “showy” accomplishments for the world to see… I promise you,
before that, there are a million small steps that add up to the big things.
Even the most successful, seemingly overnight wonders, started with small steps
of “I can”.


Persistence and a positive attitude can carry you farther than
money or connections. When the money runs out, and no one will answer your calls,
you still have your will… your “I can” attitude and the persistence to see it


What CAN you do
to move yourself one step closer to your dreams?

*What’s DeBōHa? It’s a mindset, a way of being and opportunity to learn more about yourself, and your capacity for greatness. We provide individual coaching, group workshops and more!  Use Contact Us to find out more.

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