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The MindShift Podcast

I am honored and excited to have joined Mr. Darrell Evans on his show: The MindShift Podcast. We talked entrepreneurship, getting unstuck, abundance… and alarm clocks. Click the image to have a listen! You can also listen on your favorite podcast app.

Dreading Tax Season?

Some quick tips to help getting ready to do your taxes less painful… Tax season is one time we naturally think about getting organized (usually because we’re trying to find everything we need to file our taxes). So it’s a perfect time to share some… Read More »Dreading Tax Season?

What CAN You do?

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   While talking recently with some small business owners in nearby the town of Mt. Pleasant about the challenges and opportunities here in middle Tennessee, it struck me how easy it is to fall into “I can’t because…” in our lives.… Read More »What CAN You do?