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Virtual Assistants are Business Owners Too

Most Virtual Assistants work for themselves. They are business owners too. They have to market themselves and their services, gain clients, track their time, bill their clients… all the things their business owner clients do.

They are far more than just administrative support. They can provide additional insights based on their own business ownership experiences, including systems, apps, marketing ideas, etc. More than you may have thought you needed/wanted in the beginning.

They can help you brainstorm, see things from an outside perspective, provide feedback and advice based on their knowledge and expertise… they can have a wealth of knowledge to share beyond what you may have actually thought you were hiring them for.

Especially if you are a business owner who came from a corporate career, it can be easy to view a virtual assistant as just a “secretary”, and not realize or take advantage of the fullness of their experience.

Don’t let this be you. Value and appreciate your virtual assistant as a trusted business partner who is not only skilled in the specific services they offer, but is also invested both in your success and the success of their own business.

Take advantage of everything a gifted Virtual Assistant who owns their own business can offer. Be open to the partner they can be for you in your business… Open to the wisdom and guidance they can provide, beyond the tasks you need accomplished.

You’ll be glad you did!

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